Toxic Mold Information

Toxic Mold Information

Mold is a form of fungus frequently found in moist, warm environments. It is a living organism requiring food in order to be sustained. Mold feeds on organic material such as wood and paper found in homes and buildings.

Hundreds of species of mold are found in the United States that are not harmful to people. However, certain Toxic Molds such as aspergillus, penicillium, and Toxic Mold atra (also known as stachybotrus chartarum) can cause a variety of illnesses. Stachybotys is not the green mold found on bread or cheese nor does it have a musty odor.

Toxic Mold or black mold can be deadly, especially to children with mold allergies. Toxic mold has become a common problem in the United States as of late. The problem has been exacerbated by the tighter and more energy efficienthomes built today, with little air infiltration in or out of the structure. After black mold begins to grow, microscopic mold spores quickly become airborne and travel throughout air conditioning and heating systems. You can inhale over a half million spores per minute without knowing it.

toxic-mold-in-wallSymptoms associated with Toxic Mold may include:

  • Asthma
  • Sinus headache and nasal congestion
  • Memory and hearing loss
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rashes and hives
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Ongoing sore throat and chronic cough
  • Bleeding in the lungs
  • Pulmonary hemorrhage
  • Permanent cognitive defects
  • Increased risk of tuberculosis
  • Osteopenia

While it may not be possible to identify specific individuals who may be vulnerable to molds, many seniors, small children and infants, and those with compromised immune systems and allergies are the most susceptible to mold related symptoms. To read more on the hazards of toxic mold and other indoor environmental hazards please visit our health concerns section.

Mold is a warning sign that there is a leak or moisture problem. It should warrant your immediate attention and must be fixed as soon as the problem is found.


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Our Services:

Mold Inspections

Certified Mold Solutions’ professionally trained inspectors will inspect and pinpoint the problem areas in your building.

Where is the mold growth? Crawlspace, attic, HVAC units or hidden in a bathroom wall? All of these are common locations for mold growth. Throughout the mold inspection sophisticated sensory equipment is used to locate probable areas of mold growth.

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Environmental Testing

Certified Mold Solutions specializes in  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing. Our certified inspectors have the technology to measure the type and quantity of common indoor pollutants including:

  • Black Mold (STACHYBOTRYS)
  • Bacteria
  • Radon
  • VOCs
  • Indoor Fungus

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Mold Remediation

Our team is trained and certified in mold remediation, and your project will be handled to the exacting standards set forth by the Indoor Air Quality Association.

We lead the industry with our superior high quality remediation process. Anyone can remove mold, but it takes a mold remediation professional like Certified Mold Solutions to do it right.

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Water Extraction

Our water extraction and structural drying services are crucial, as mold will begin to grow on wet surfaces within 24 to 48 hours.

We are licensed, certified and insured to properly extract water and complete a drying protocol that will insure proper restoration of wet surfaces, and control mold growth. We’re committed to delivering fast, thorough water damage cleanup.

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