Mold-RemediationCertified Mold Solutions was established to provide quality and trust-worthy service in the mold testing and mold remediation industry. As technology improves, we continue to learn more about new & different types of mold strains.

Black mold, aka STACHYBOTRYS, can be very dangerous and has been shown to cause many health concerns, especially in the immune compromised. Please contact us today if you think you might have a problem and would like it tested or remediated.

Visit our before and after gallery to view our process from inspection to remediation.

Certified Mold Solutions is striving & committed to stay on the cutting edge of this technology. We are here to provide accurate and dependable results for your mold testing and remediation needs.


Toxic Mold Information

Our Services:

Mold Inspections

Certified Mold Solutions’ professionally trained inspectors will inspect and pinpoint the problem areas in your building.

Where is the mold growth? Crawlspace, attic, HVAC units or hidden in a bathroom wall? All of these are common locations for mold growth. Throughout the mold inspection sophisticated sensory equipment is used to locate probable areas of mold growth.

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Environmental Testing

Certified Mold Solutions specializes in  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing. Our certified inspectors have the technology to measure the type and quantity of common indoor pollutants including:

  • Black Mold (STACHYBOTRYS)
  • Bacteria
  • Radon
  • VOCs
  • Indoor Fungus

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Mold Remediation

Our team is trained and certified in mold remediation, and your project will be handled to the exacting standards set forth by the Indoor Air Quality Association.

We lead the industry with our superior high quality remediation process. Anyone can remove mold, but it takes a mold remediation professional like Certified Mold Solutions to do it right.

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Water Extraction

Our water extraction and structural drying services are crucial, as mold will begin to grow on wet surfaces within 24 to 48 hours.

We are licensed, certified and insured to properly extract water and complete a drying protocol that will insure proper restoration of wet surfaces, and control mold growth. We’re committed to delivering fast, thorough water damage cleanup.

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